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It took months, maybe years, for you to write your book. JOY ROSS and the EMPOWERED AUTHOR TEAM would be honored to help ensure that it gets into readers’ hands, minds and hearts. Like Barry Lopez said: “Sometimes a person needs a good book more than food to stay alive.” 

CRASH COURSE IN PUBLISHING: In case you missed it, the video, "The Truth About Self-Publishing Packages" at the top of this page is a crash course about the publishing industry. Produced by Joy Ross, it contains information that every author should know.

About JOY ROSS, Senior Editor, Publisher & Creator of the EMPOWERED AUTHOR Self-Publishing Course

Thank you for considering my help with publishing your book.

Joy Ross, the creator of the EMPOWERED AUTHOR Self-Publishing Course and the senior editor and graphic designer at Writing with JOY Training & Publishing, is on a mission to revolutionize the way authors are trained, promoted and compensated. 

Training: To ensure indie authors know how to professionally format the interior of a book and design an eye-catching cover, Joy developed the EMPOWERED AUTHOR Self-Publishing Course. 

Promotion: To make certain indie books rise above the online bookstore jungle, she created the HEARTMIND STORE, a boutique-style online bookstore that connects readers and authors in a deep and meaningful way. Books published by students of the EMPOWERED AUTHOR Self-Publishing Course are listed in the store for free... forever.

Compensation: The HEARTMIND STORE does not take a share of authors' royalties. Books in the store are continually promoted to thousands of e-newsletter subscribers via the HEARTMIND NEWS.

Joy's published works include: DIRECT SALES: Be Better Than Good--Be GREAT! (Pelican Publishing, 1999); The Kindness Ambassador (Balboa Press, 2013); and, the Avatar Marketing Series (Self-Published, 2014).

Joy is the chief editor, publisher and a contributing author in the HEARTMIND WISDOM Collection, and the chief editor and publisher of the EARTH ANGELS Series. 

Is your time limited?

Joy accepts a limited number of manuscripts for formatting and cover design. If you want to explore the possibility of having her format the interior and/or design an eye-catching cover for your book, connect with her by e-mail or phone.

Connect with JOY ROSS

E-Mail: info@empoweredauthor.ca (Note .ca not .com)

Phone: 250.634.0050 in Victoria, British Columbia

Indie Authors Pay the Nicest Compliments

"Joy Ross is an amazing editor. I have written a story for the next edition of Earth Angels. Joy has been busy co-editing with me, which truly has been a wonderful and spiritual experience. She is easy going, easy to talk to, and never once tried to change the concept of my story. I recommend Joy to anyone considering self-publishing." KAREN THORSTAD, Author

"I took the EMPOWERED AUTHOR Self-Publishing Course. The step-by-step instructions made it easy to learn how to format my book interior and design the cover. Joy is well-versed on the publishing industry. Whenever I messaged her for clarification or her opinion, she was more than happy to help. If you want your book to be the best it can be, definitely take her course or hire Joy to format and publish your book." JEFF MAHONEY, Musician, Author & Educator

"I needed help designing a booklet for my business. Via a phone call with both of us on our computers, in about an hour, Joy taught me how to format and design a book using PowerPoint. Over the next few weeks, she continually checked in with me to ask if I needed more help. If you want a kindhearted and knowledgeable editor-teacher who's as excited about your project as you, hire Joy or take her course." LINDSAY LAYCOCK PIRIE, Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Encompass Health & Wellness

"Joy Ross has a knack for transforming written words into magical prose that pop off the page. I've worked with Joy twice. Once when I wrote "Bella Figura" for Earth Angels #1, and a second time for a promo piece. My advice: Don't go to press without first having Joy work her magic." MARIA MANNA, Musician, Author & Actor

“I’ve worked with Joy Ross numerous times. She’s an excellent writer, editor and publisher.” ARNOLD VINGSNES, Marine Transportation & Labour Relations Specialist & Author

"I'm one of Joy's students and a contributing author in every edition of the Earth Angels Series. What impresses me most about Joy is that she always goes the extra mile. A couple of times, free of charge and on her day off, she proofed and suggested edits for short stories I was submitting to writing contests." GERRY BEAZELY, Reiki Master-Teacher & Author

"As an advocate for chronic pain sufferers, I published my story "No Pain, No Gain" in Heartmind Wisdom #3, and my chapter "The Power of Positivity" in Earth Angels #1. Currently, Joy and I are helping three of my podcasts viewers write their stories for Earth Angels #3. Joy's a great editor, but more than that, she cares about helping people." JOSEPH AQUILINO, author, podcast host, and founder of the JGF Inc. 

BONUS: Marketing Review by Joy Ross

The front cover, online bookstore description, and the content readers see when they look inside your book on Amazon are an author's primary marketing tools. Getting all three elements right propels books sales. Getting any of them wrong kills book sales. 

To ensure your book gets noticed and purchased, Joy Ross will review and offer suggestions for the front cover, description, and first ten pages of your book or novel. Joy will also review your author bio and the back cover copy for your print edition.

Connect with JOY ROSS

E-Mail: info@empoweredauthor.ca (Note .ca not .com)

Phone: 250.634.0050 in Victoria, British Columbia

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